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Drug adverse effects from Anticoagulants and Diabetes meds causes almost hundred thousands of hospitalization

Several studies have shown adverse drug events of emergency hospitalization from several types of drug classified as insulins, warfarin, oral antiplatelet, and oral hypoglycemic agents both alone or in combination. However, most of those studies established outside of the United States. By using national database to access the incidences of emergency hospitalizations due to adverse drug events, recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on November 24, 2011, said that most of anticoagulants and diabetes medications both alone or in-combination causes almost hundred thousand emergency hospitalization in adult and older patients. According to the findings (ref), 67% of an estimated 100,000 emergency hospitalization of senior each year caused by those medications and almost of half (33%) caused by warfarin. Interestingly, the drug classified as red-flagged causes only less than 7% of … Read entire article »

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Factors affecting the healing of an illness

Factors affecting the healing of diseases: 1. The accuracy of diagnosis. This is the main gate towards the right treatment. The accuracy of diagnosis influenced some of following: - Knowledge of one’s illness. The more familiar with the symptoms of disease, the greater accuracy of diagnosis. - Experience of physician or health practitioners is very influential. The longer and more frequent meet the patients, the more familiar recognize the symptoms of a disease. - Completeness of submitted complaints. The more complete the complaints submitted, the more precise the diagnosis direction. However, often patients don’t feel that anything happened is part of disease symptoms, then in this case, the expertise of physicians to explore the complaints is very important. And also, the honestly of patient is emphasized. - Adjunctive examinations. To get a definite diagnosis, it is often need adjunctive examinations (such … Read entire article »

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Higher than average for death risk rate caused heart failure among people who live in ‘stroke belt’ region in US

The national average of death related to heart failure in the U.S. is about 18 per 100,000 people. However, for those who live in ‘stroke belt’ region such as Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississipi, and Oklahoma, the death rate associated with heart failure showed higher (69%) than national rate for heart failure-related death. This finding just reported in the American Journal of Cardiology on January 19, 2011 by researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Although heart failure and stroke are two very distinct conditions, but they were not sure what kind of geographical pattern they would find going into this study, except zeroing that region as the heart failure belt. Therefore, the team now looking at non-traditional risk factors for stroke, such as education and income, environmental exposure and specific diet habits, … Read entire article »

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